Healthy Fats Help Defeat Prostate Cancer

June 17, 2013

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Combat Cancer Naturally

In the United States, prostate cancer is the second deadliest form of the notorious disease, behind only lung cancer. It is estimated that almost 240,000 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer this year alone. And one in six will be diagnosed at some point throughout his lifetime.

Groundbreaking research has shown a simple way for men to drastically improve their ability overcome this lethal condition.

“Consumption of healthy oils and nuts increases plasma antioxidants and reduces insulin and inflammation, which may deter prostate cancer progression,” said Erin L. Richman, the study’s lead author and post-doctoral scholar at the University of California, San Francisco’s Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics.1

Once again, research has revealed that foods–not synthetic drugs and medications–are capable of fighting disease.

Food’s Effect on Prostate Cancer

Of the more than 4,000 subjects observed in the UCSF study, 1,064 died throughout the period of research. The primary causes of death were cardiovascular disease (31 percent), the existing prostate cancer (21 percent) and other cancers (nearly 21 percent).2

Even though it is estimated that almost 30,000 men will die from prostate cancer this year in the United States alone, somehow, the relationship between a patient’s diet and his prostate cancer had not been examined until now.

“The beneficial effects of unsaturated fats and harmful effects of saturated and trans fats on cardiovascular health are well known,” Richman said. “Now our research has shown additional potential benefits of consuming unsaturated fats among men with prostate cancer.”

The men in the study who replaced the refined carbohydrates in their diets with healthy fats simultaneously reduced their risk of death. More specifically, these men “had a 29 percent lower risk of developing lethal prostate cancer and a 26 percent lower risk of dying from all causes.”

The low-fat food craze has been thoroughly debunked over the past 10-plus years. Healthy fats are now less frequently confused with the damaged, trans fats that clog your arteries and cause inflammation, heart attack and stroke.

Avocado, coconut, extra virgin olive oil, and raw nuts and seeds provide the body with energy and do not cause spikes in blood sugar levels. They even cushion your vital organs and help your body absorb vitamins. (Canola oil, contrary to popular belief, is not on the list healthy fats.)

Fighting Cancer with Food

Working healthy fats into your diet is not as difficult as it sounds.

Researchers observed that both a single tablespoon of olive oil  and a single serving of raw nuts was enough to sufficiently decrease risk of death due to prostate cancer. Richman even suggests simple solutions like swapping out the slice of cheese on your sandwich for a serving of avocado. She also recommends using oil-based dressings instead of processed ranch or blue cheese.

Your opportunities to make healthy upgrades to tradition meals are endless. The Maximized Living Nutrition Plans book is overflowing with recipes that minimize refined carbohydrates and emphasize healthy fats and proteins. The Advanced Plan specifically calls for the elimination of all grains and sugars from your diet for one month. This time allows your body to soothe inflammation, repair hormones and restore health and healing.

By choosing your fats wisely, you are choosing to take a postive role in your personal health.



Lacking Energy? Skip Coffee and Try These Foods

June 20, 2013


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The Motivating Diet


Balancing work and personal lives can be exhausting. After a long day at work, school or a family gathering, finding the energy to go to the gym can be tough. Luckily there are many lifestyle choices that can naturally increase your energy for hard work in and out of the gym.


Nutritional choices are a big factor here. The better you eat, the better you feel. Practicing proper nutrition and tracking the timing of what you eat can do wonders to make you feel alert and powerful, says Cynthia Sass, a registered dietitian and Health magazine’s nutrition and weight loss blogger. Sass explains that correctly combining natural foods will provide you with energy, without crashing later.1


Lisa Moskovitz, RD, CDN, a sports nutrition expert, counselor and registered dietitian recommends foods that include B-vitamins. Small portions of eggs and other healthy proteins will provide you with a good amount of energizing nutrients.


“B-complex vitamins work to break down carbohydrates we consume into glucose for fuel,” says Moskovitz. “At the same time they help transport oxygen throughout the body.”2


It’s important to watch the amount of sugars and refined carbohydrates you are eating since that serving can affect your levels of energy. Try moderate portions of beans, legumes, fruits, vegetables and (if following the Core Plan) moderate-glycemic grains for energy. Processed grains like bread, white rice, most crackers, cookies, muffins, cakes, bagels, pastas do not contain fiber. Although they provide carbohydrates that can be used for energy, they are quickly released into your bloodstream due to lack of fiber, causing sudden jumps in blood sugar levels. It’s important to choose high-quality grains (brown rice, millet, etc.) as opposed to processed grains to avoid crashing once it hits your bloodstream.3


False Energy


Coffee reigns as the most commonly looked-to source of energy. While some experts tout coffee’s ability to boost fatty acid oxidation, utilization of carbohydrates, intensity level and focus during a traditional cardio session, there are two problems with that idea. First, coffee dehydrates the body. Second, coffee is one of the most overused “drugs” out there and using it to boost your workout performance can lead to dependence.4


The reason that we say “drug” is because drinking caffeinated beverages like coffee becomes addictive. Soon the normal cup of coffee doesn’t have any effect on the consumer, so the benefits gradually increase as one develops tolerance to the drug. Commonly, addicts will consume larger amounts of caffeine and not even be affected at all, or they will crash about 20 minutes post consumption.


An alternative to coffee is Maximized Living’s Max Fit. A dietary supplement made up of green coffee extract. The pill supports healthy blood glucose levels, weight/stress management and cortisol regulation. The supplement also provides glutamine, carnitine and creatine, supportive amino acids found in healthy foods. This pill will increase your energy levels without the sluggish crash and side effects of coffee.5


Other Workout Boosters




Without proper sleep, your energy levels and workout intensity droop. Try to get about eight hours of sleep per night, every night. Your body needs that down time to produce growth hormone and utilize protein to repair and maintain lean muscle. Insufficient sleep can throw off your entire routine, increasing hormonal stress levels, which will hurt your fitness regimen.6


Surge Training


Once you are in the gym, it’s important to keep variety in your workout. The last thing you want is a boring routine that you don’t look forward to every day. In order to keep your workout exciting and time-efficient, we recommend high-intensity interval training.


Interval training–also known as surge training–can drastically increase energy levels and helps your body tolerate the build-up of lactic acid (a natural response of a challenging workout).


Surge training also offers the ability to add variety to your fitness routine, so you never grow too comfortable or bored with a workout. Overall, surge training results in improved performance, greater speed and better endurance.7


By combining proper nutritional planning, sufficient sleep, moderate levels of caffeine and proper fitness selections, your energy will soar.


Next Steps


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