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Naperville Physical Therapy

ProActive Spine Center in Naperville, IL offers a wide range of physical therapy services to help our patients return to optimal health. Our experienced physical therapist creates individualized plans for more personalized, one on one care.

Physical Therapy Services

Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression (Triton DTS)

Our top physical therapy service at the clinic. A computer-guided system that gently decompresses the spine to provide lasting relief to disc patients suffering from herniated discs, spinal stenosis as well as acute & chronic neck and low back pain. Our office was one of the first chiropractic offices to bring this type of care to Naperville in 2004. We started with 1 spinal decompression table in 2004 and today have 4 tables constantly providing relief to our disc patients.

Professional Massage Therapy

Our 2 licensed therapists, under the doctors' supervision, provide muscle therapy to the specific areas of the body. They provide deep tissue, trigger point, gentle fibromyalgia massage, myofascial release, lymphatic drainage, Swedish massage and more. The therapists also focus on prenatal massages for the mother-to-be where special pillows are used to allow the patient to be relaxed and comfortable during the session.

Individualized Home Exercising Planning

An in-office physical therapy rehab program will be provided to you.  After you have completed this physical therapy plan, you will move on to at home exercised instructed by your doctor.

Since every patient is unique, each exercise program is unique. The doctor will input your information and current condition into a computer program and you will receive a print out of exercises showing pictures, a calendar, repetitions, and other crucial information to improve your condition. These exercises can be used for your lifetime after your treatment plan is over and used as part of your proactive lifestyle. Many of our patients want to take an active role in their recovery and this is a very important part of maintaining optimal health and wellness.

Vaccine Awareness Education

The doctor is involved in various speaking engagements in the community and engages in continued education on the vaccine epidemic in our country. We are one of the most evolved nations in the world yet we have some of the sickest children in the world. The doctor has multiple resources and articles available to you so that you can research and make your own informed choices for your family.


A proven electrical stimulator that sends a comfortable electronic pulse/signal to your feet and legs that can get your nerves functioning again. You can think of it like a heart pacemaker that restores and improves heart function: the ReBuilder is a physical therapy rehabilitation procedure which restores, stabilizes, and rebuilds the nerves in your extremities.

Individualized Nutritional Counseling

We work with our patients and their specific goals to make sure the proper diet and supplementation is in order so that healing or optimal health can be obtained.

Ultrasound Therapy, Electric Muscle Stimulation, Intersegmental Spinal Traction

These are very common physical therapy modalities used in our clinic. Therapy modalities used to reduce inflammation, edema or muscle spasm in the affected areas.


Naperville Chiropractic Care

"I am pain free! I came here in a lot of pain, on scale from 1-10, I was a 9. I couldn't use my left arm. I was not driving, I was washing my hair with my right arm only and taking 8 pain pills a day. All of that has changed. My pain level is a 0, I am driving again, and I am not taking any pain pills. I am using my left arm regularily thanks to Dr. Scherer and her staff!"

–Michelle L.

Naperville Chiropractic Services

"I have been having neck pain for what seems like decades. I had bone spurs removed in 2000 as well as a laminectomy. The pain returned in 2002. I went through physical therapy in 2006, but still had no relief. I started seeing Dr. Scherer in the summer of 2008 and now enjoy the comfort of  ZERO neck pain. The decompression therapy, message  and adjustments performed worked miracles and finally gave me the relief I have been seeking for years. My wife Laura also started suffering neck discomfort and saught Dr. Scherer's help. Following the same regimine of therapy I had, Laura soon felt the same relief that I experienced.  What a pleasure it is to enjoy playing with our Grandchildren and teeing it up every so often without that nagging discomfort. Somehow, thank you just doesn't cover it."

–Jerry V.

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