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"As Joshs' mom and a patient at BCC myself, I knew that going to a pediatrician would not solve his problems. They would have just given pain medications. Josh couldn't turn his head and he cried day and night because of the pain. After care with Dr. B, he has no more pain and he can go back to playing like a child again. Keeping your spine healthy will keep the reset of your body healthy. We appreciate so much the care we get at BCC and from Dr. Barbian over all these years!"

–Katie P.

"I'm seeing a chiropractor - FABULOUS. It's definitely helping with my back and my sleep issues. After visiting Dr. Jess. I get a few good nights of real rest and I'm so lucky to have her! I wish I could see her every day! She has a "bed" so to speak that is lined up and down with rollers. It rolls up and down my back and I'm in heaven. I also to lay on these massive pillow/pads while she is "adjusting" and i'm on my stomach! Oh how I miss laying on my stomach :)"

–Lindsay V.

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